Whenever you invest in something, it’s only natural that you want to protect your assets. A pool enclosure, for instance, serves that purpose. But the product is always subject to damage, and if that happens, it’s necessary to fix it. But how to repair the top of the pool screen enclosure? Is that even an option?

Though some damage is irreparable and will require replacement of the panels, it’s possible to fix it in some cases. In today’s article, we will help you identify what kind of loss is repairable and how you can proceed.

How To Repair The Top Of Pool Screen Enclosure: Step-By-Step

In some cases, it’s possible to repair the top of the pool screen enclosure; Especially, if the wear down is due to one of the following:

  • Sun degradation (warping, faded paint)
  • Holes caused by pests, squirrels, and other creatures
  • Corrosion generated by birds sitting on the screen roof, or by proximity to the ocean (salt and sand)
  • Mold on fixtures and casings

In this first part, we will guide you on how to proceed in each possible situation.

How To Mitigate Sun Degradation On Top Of The Pool Screen Enclosure

Painting your pool enclosure is an excellent alternative to mitigate sun degradation. With this process, you can give back its original luster using direct-to-metal paints.

Not only is it cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly, as you will be recycling your old enclosure to last more.

For this task, you will need the following essential equipment:

  • Ladder
  • Direct-to-metal paint
  • Safety equipment (like gloves and goggles)
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Brush or paint roller
  • Paint tray

The process itself is quite simple:

  1. Place the plastic sheets to protect the floor;
  2. Put on the safety equipment;
  3. Prepare the paint inside the tray;
  4. Position the ladder wherever you want to start;
  5. Start painting using the brush or paint roller.

How To Fix Holes At The Top Of Pool Screen Enclosure

If the holes are not too big, here’s what you need to do. Starting with the equipment, you will need:

  • Screen repair kit patches
  • A cutting device, like scissors
  • Clear silicone caulking
  • A pole patio porch screen (choose the color closest to the one you’re patching)
  • Paper towel or old rag

And below is how you’ll proceed:

  1. Make sure the screen you’re repairing is dry (otherwise, the silicone caulking won’t stick);
  2. Cut a little patch of porch screen, big enough to cover the hole;
  3. Put silicone caulking all around the edges;
  4. Take the patch and put it over the hole;
  5. Use the paper towel or old rag to clean the silicone caulking that comes off the edges.

How Can You Remove Corrosion And Mold From The Pool Screen Enclosure

There are two ways to remove corrosion and mold from your pool screen enclosure.

The first is using a pressure washer, with an extension wand, to be able to reach the top beams of your screen frames. Be sure NOT to spray the screen itself. Most pressure washers might blow holes in the pool screen.

A safer alternative is to get spray bottles or a bug sprayer and fill it with bleach or chlorine that you buy at a pool supply company or your local hardware store.

How To Determine If The Damage Is Reparable

Let’s begin by telling you that damage caused by bad weather (like hurricanes and storms) is usually irreversible. In most cases, in which screens are pulled out or torn apart, the best alternative is to change them.

Moreover, the damages listed in the previous section are repairable, as long as within reasonable limits. For example, small holes, the size of marbles, can be fixed. But, fissures caused by falling from a tree branch or by a stone will be challenging.

You can still fix the holes, but it will be a visible patch (and an ugly one, probably).

Likewise, when corrosion reaches a level that is dismantling the pool screen enclosure’s surface, it will be better to change it.

Is It Worth To Repair The Top Of The Pool Screen Enclosure?

In some situations, yes, especially if the damage is not as visible and drastic. But, depending on the screen’s wear level, repairs may not be sufficient.

Ideally, examine and evaluate how degraded the top of the pool screen enclosure is. The greater the defects, the harder it will be to get around without making it look visibly bad.

In many cases, it will be better to simply replace the screens.

A nice looking enclosure after a fresh coat of paint by 2h Rescreening.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Much of what has been explained here is relatively straightforward, so you may be able to do it. Still, the lack of experience, especially working at heights, can be a drawback.

Accidents can happen, even with trained, experienced people and with the right equipment. 

If you have questions or doubts, we will be glad to help you any way we can.

The technicians at 2H Rescreening have more than 17 years of construction experience, and we know what it takes to keep your enclosure bug free while providing you with a complete level of satisfaction.

Nothing motivates us more than our desire to do every job right the first time.

For a free estimate, please make sure you leave us a message or give us a call, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.