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How to clean a pool screen enclosure?

Pool screen enclosures are excellent at keeping leaves and insects away while people enjoy a pool day and a nice breeze without worrying about them. But, if you have a pool enclosure for a while, you know that it can get pretty dirty right. Let’s talk about how to clean a pool screen enclosure properly.

Keeping screen enclosures clean is important to avoid mold, fungus, lichen, algae, and such. Those things can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and even more serious health issues.

If you have no idea how to clean a pool screen enclosure and need tips on how to do it properly and without causing any damages, this is the right article for you.

How to clean a pool screen enclosure?

Just like any kind of surface, pool enclosures must be regularly cleaned and maintained, because that ensures years of use and function. Fortunately, there are some ways and products to clean your pool screen enclosure.

With a brush and dish soap

The first step is to start cleaning your enclosure by removing the screen and brushing to remove loose leaves and debris. Make sure to use a soft brush to not damage the enclosure and you can use a blower to clean the roof of your screen enclosure and remove leaves and dead insects.

Next, you have to clean the stains. First, soak the screen and frames using a water hose and then gently scrub it with warm water mixed with dish soap. Be careful to not rip the screen panel while you scrub. After that, let it air dry or wipe it with a cloth.

With a pressure washer

You can use a pressure washer to clean it for areas where the stubborn dirt and stains are hard to reach.

Hot water at a high pressure can eliminate most of the mold and grime on the screen, you just need to be really careful with the pressure, so start with low pressure ensuring your screens won’t get damaged.

With a bleach solution

It is really common for mold to grow on areas around the pool because of the humidity and moisture in the area, and sometimes, brushing or using a pressure washer is not enough to remove them. Bleach solution is a stronger product so you have to careful with it. 

For the bleach solution you’re gonna need 1 gallon of water and 3 quarts of bleach, that solution will kill all the mold. The solution can also eradicate the algae, moss, and mildew that has set up residence on your patio paver deck. After finishing, give the enclosure a good rinse with water.

Remember to be careful with the bleach, use gloves to avoid contact with your skin, and don’t forget to water plants close to the screen enclosure to avoid it from getting contaminated.

With vinegar + water solution

Vinegar is very effective against mold and mildew and an option for people who don’t want to use bleach or any strong substance.

For the solution, you’re gonna need a spray bottle with half vinegar and half warm water. And with a brush or sponge, spray the vinegar solution and clean away visible dirt carefully.

A good thing about the vinegar solution is that you can leave the solution to air dry because the residual vinegar creates an acidic environment that prevents mold growth and keeps your enclosure clean for a little longer.

Hire a professional

Cleaning your pool screen enclosure can be difficult, if you don’t have the time or the skills to it or even if you tried to clean it yourself and it didn’t work, hiring a contractor will make your life easier.

If you choose to clean on your own, you always have to be careful because there is a risk of damaging the screens or frames, especially if you use a pressure washer or if you scrub too hard with the wrong tools. Also, there is always a risk of injury when cleaning the high-up places.

To avoid all those risks, hiring an expert with the experience and proper tools to get the job done correctly and quickly is the best choice. 

Why you should clean your screen enclosure regularly

Just like any surface, pool enclosures must be regularly cleaned and properly maintained. Doing so ensures years of use and function. 

Pool enclosures last around 15 years depending on the type and quality of the enclosure materials, as well as the climate and amount of maintenance. The lack of maintenance and cleaning of pool enclosures or any kind of property structures can quickly cause these structures to fall into disrepair and reduce the lifetime of your enclosure.

Improper pool maintenance can often compromise no only cleanliness and integrity of the structure, but also your health, mold in excess can cause a lot of complications, from respiratory problems to serious allergies.

Consider replacement

Sometimes even with proper cleaning and maintenance, the sun beating non-stop down on your screen enclosure can deteriorate it over time, especially if the material is not that durable.

If any of these scenarios is your case, consider replacing your pool screen enclosure for a new one, with better materials that will last longer and keep your pool out of bugs and leaves.

2H Rescreening has more than 17 years of pool screen installation and cleaning experience; We know exactly how to do it, providing a complete level of satisfaction and affordable prices.

For a free estimate, please make sure you leave us a message or give us a call, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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